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AECmatch helps architecture and engineering firm principals who want to buy or sell a firm connect with potential transaction counterparties, either across town, in another state, or even in another country.

It's the global, searchable, actionable database of A/E/C firms interested in either buying another firm or being acquired.

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How It Works

For Sellers: A/E/C firm owners and principals interested in selling first craft a brief, non-identifying description of the firm's markets, revenue, employee headcount, general geographic region, and competitive advantages for inclusion in the Firms for Sale database. When firm principals in acquisition mode express interest via our screening portal, AECmatch provides you with contact information for initiating a discovery call, should you choose to do so. AECmatch never reveals your identity to anyone.

For Buyers: Ready to find just the perfect firm for meeting your growth objectives? Search firm revenue and market descriptions in the AECmatch Firms for Sale database, and sign our provided non-disclosure agreement. AECmatch then provides that firm's principals with your contact information for initiating a discovery call.

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AECmatch is a service of PSMJ Resources, Inc, for more than 40 years the premier A/E/C consultancy focusing on profitability, valuation, financial management, project management, ownership transition, and M&A. Along the way, we've learned exactly what buy-side and sell-side firms need to find the right transaction partner. AECmatch is the fast, efficient, discreet, and secure platform for initiating mutually profitable conversations that help all parties meet their strategic objectives.

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Food Service Design Architecture Firm
  • List Price : Undisclosed
  • Revenue : $600,000
  • Adjusted Cash Flow : $200,000
  • Region : Upper Midwest
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Mid-Atlantic MEP Firm
  • List Price : Undisclosed
  • Revenue : $44,700,000
  • Adjusted Cash Flow : $1,700,000
  • Region : Lower Mid-Atlantic
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Western US Architecture & Planning Firm Seeking Recapitalization for Growth Firm
  • List Price : Undisclosed
  • Revenue : $3,700,000
  • Adjusted Cash Flow : $1,100,000
  • Region : Rocky Mountains
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